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Cardboard Display Stands for Retail

Do you need help choosing the best product display solution to buy for your retail store? Do you have different varieties of products and sale stock that you want to highlight? Fortunately, the team at Abbe has you covered with our excellent cardboard display stands. Whether you have a sale on that you want new and returning customers to know about, or you have excess stock that you want to deplete to make room for new stock, our product display specialists have what you need.

The Benefits of Using aCardboard Display Stand

Setting up a display stand near the registers of a grocery store or other retail store is a great way of increasing the visibility of new or old products to your valued customers.It’s also an effective way to offload excess stock quickly and without possibly having to sell at a loss.By using cardboard display stands, you can display everything from brochure materials through to greeting card products and even CD and DVD stock. You can also keep the display tidy and organised while continuing to showcase the qualities of the product, encouraging more impulse buys and increasing revenue.

Tailored to Your Needs

If you’re looking for quality designed and manufactured POS display stands that can be used time and time again, you can’t go wrong with the cardboard display stands at Abbe. Our Australian business has earned a reputation as a leading cardboard display stand manufacturer. Our highly skilled designers can create custom floor stands that are perfect for showcasing your product.

Our point of sale display stands are made from quality cardboard and are known for being bold and practical. We can also tailor our printed stands to your needs so that they’re instantly recognisable. They’re available in either freestanding, counter, pop up or stand upconfigurations. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured our aesthetically appealing cardboard display stands are perfect for creating maximum exposure for all kinds of stores.