Retail Ready – Wingman Shelf Ready Packaging by Abbe

Retail Ready – Wingman Shelf Ready Packaging by Abbe

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Shelf Ready cartons can sometimes not present well on the shelf. This can be because of poor perforations or the inaccurate opening of cartons by store employees.

You may also find that the inner pack may look empty with product settling to the base of the pouch or bag.

The Principles of Abbe Wingman Shelf Ready Packaging Design

Packing Orientation

Wingman changes the orientation of the pack meaning more product can be packed resulting in more product on the shelf.

Shelf Presentation

A clean die-cut front lip provides an ideal shelf presentation. The shape of the lip can also be

customised for increased brand awareness and exposure.


With Wingman the perforations are located on the side of the carton, reducing the chances of corner damage, commonly found in regular shelf-ready packaging. Packing the product flat on its back prevents the product in the pouches from settling to the bottom.

The Abbe Wingman Shelf-Ready packaging design perfectly meet retailer guidelines, with your brand, product and customer in mind:

  • Easy to identify – clearly printed enabling store personnel to quickly find the product
  • Easy to open – easily opened in-store and robust enough to endure the supply chain
  • Easy to merchandise – simple shelf replenishment and optimisation of shelf space
  • Easy to shop – consumers can easily identify the product to shop
  • Easy to dispose – uses minimum material and can be recycled

Utilising the Wingman shelf-ready design, our team of structural designers and artists can customise to suit your product’s needs, coupled with high-quality lithographic print to achieve outstanding results or alternatively a  simple one-colour flexographic printed case.

Download the Abbe Wingman brochure

(Patent Pending AU 2020256374/ 2021901108)

We also offer a range of retail ready packaging styles in a selection of corrugated cardboard board grades.

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