Pads (DC)

Pads (DC)

Abbe is proud to offer single wall corrugated cardboard sheets and pads that are made and supplied to your exact specifications. Our single wall corrugated sheets can be used as a partition or divider between items and layers of products, adding protection to packaged goods when storing or transporting them from one location to another. Whether you need single face corrugated cardboard sheets or single wall pad inserts for your packaging, we’re confident that our team can deliver the solution you need.

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Our corrugated cardboard pads and sheets are often used as layer pads, interleaving between layers of products in boxes or on pallets for additional stability. A cardboard pad adds protection from top to bottom, offering high-quality cushioning, wrapping and shock absorption during transit. By keeping products separate, the pads can help ensure they arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. This makes single wall corrugated cardboard sheets ideal for separating, lining and safeguarding fragile items such as glasses and bottles.


As a leading packaging manufacturer and packaging supplier, Abbe can provide custom-made pads in any shape or size based on your requirements. These are just as durable, lightweight, cost-effective and environmental friendly as standard pads. You’re sure to be impressed by the quality and affordability of the single wall cardboard sheets we have on offer.


• Cushioning
• Wrapping
• Lining
• Fragile items


Wondering “where can I get quality single wall cardboard sheets near me?” When it comes to single face corrugated cardboard sheets and pads, Abbe has you covered. Call us on (03) 9301 8800 or enquire online today to learn more. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have and provide a free instant quote when you contact us.

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