Customised POS Design Solutions

Custom Cardboard Point of Sale Displays

Are you interested in putting certain products on display to increase their visibility and attract the interest of prospective retail customers? At Abbe, we offer various types of custom manufactured cardboard displays for Australian retail environments and pop up stores alike. Whether you want to draw attention to brand new products or reduce excess stock, strategically placed display stands near registers and entrances can greatly help to increase awareness, engagement and last-minute impulse sales.

Let us work with you to create a customised POS solution for your products and retail campaign

From cardboard stands and counter displays through to complex pallet product cut out displays, work with our experts of designers and POS Displays representative to effectively design and manufacture the right eye-catching solution. Examples includes:

  • POS Cardboard Display Stands– Can be used to introduce a new line of products or offload excess stock quickly in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Counter Display Boxes– Available in various sizes, styles and colours to showcase products, maximise visual appeal and increase impulse sales at the point of sale.
  • Cardboard Shelf Display Products – Lightweight, durable and portable visual merchandising solutions for displaying new stock or highlighting promotions.
  • Cardboard Dump Bins– Perfect for discounted excess stock you want to get rid of quickly, creating considerable impulse buying interest.
  • 4-Way Pallet Display Stands – Each side of the stand has shelving to display products and can be customised with unique branding for maximum effectiveness.

Not sure what you need? Our specialists can tailor a point of sale display to your needs, allowing you to communicate with your customers in the most effective way possible or check out our range of cost-effective, predefined Retailer-friendly POS Display options that can accommodate many retail products: View Gallery

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If you’re looking for custom cardboard displays for your next in-store retail campaign, you won’t be disappointed by what the team at Abbe has to offer. Let us create a cost-effective, bespoke POS solution for your brand.