Cardboard Partitions & Dividers

Cardboard Partitions & Dividers

Small and fragile items such as glassware require additional protection when packaged to prevent damage when stored or transported. Fortunately, Abbe Corrugated is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cardboard box partitions and cardboard box dividers for various packaging applications. These can be used to package items more tightly and securely, reducing the risk of breakage and other forms of damage.

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Our corrugated packaging dividers and partitions are made of intersecting sheets of corrugated board. When properly formed, these create individual pockets to separate goods within a carton. These are especially suitable for fragile items such as glass bottles and glass jars. When formed, the partition will also provide extra support and rigidity to the carton. These can either be supplied pre-assembled or loose for you to assemble yourself.


Abbe Corrugated has earned a reputation for being a top packaging manufacturer and packaging supplier. Our team stands out from the crowd by working closely with clients to understand their specific needs, offering custom-made cardboard inserts for packaging made using environmental friendly means. We pride ourselves on giving people the extra layer of protection they need, while also giving them the peace of mind they deserve when packaging, storing and transporting fragile items.


If you’re wondering “where can I find a provider of quality cardboard box inserts and cardboard box separators near me?”, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Abbe Corrugated. Our staff can provide you with a free quote upon request. Call us or enquire online when you want to contact us to find out more about what we have for sale or get an instant quote before you buy.

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