Packaging Types

Thermal Packaging / Insulated Boxes

Chilltainers – The Future of Cold Shipping Keep fresh foods fresher for longer and perishables cooler with Chilltainers insulated boxes; the ideal packaging replacement for...

Slotted Trays (CR/SL)

Our creased trays and cardboard slotted trays feature a flat base and are sealed on all four corners using tape, glue or staples. These "topless...

Creased Trays and Cardboard

Our creased trays and cardboard slotted trays feature a flat base and are sealed on all four corners using tape, glue or staples. These "topless...

Five Panel Folder (FPF)

WHY CHOOSE THESE EXCELLENT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS? Our five panel folder box solutions are made from quality corrugated cardboard using environmental friendly processes. The pack is...

Half Slotted Container Box (HSC)

THE BENEFITS OF A HALF SLOTTED BOX A half slotted carton box with a lid is a combination of a shipping carton opening to a...

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

USES & APPLICATIONS A corrugated cardboard roll for packing (also known as a single face roll) is ideal for shipping and protecting items that have...

Corner Cut Folder Boxes (CCF)

GRADES OF CCF BOXES We’re proud to manufacture high quality corner cut folders in various corrugated cardboard board grades that can fulfil your storage and...

Cardboard Partitions & Dividers

WHY USE CARDBOARD BOX INSERTS? Our cardboard inserts for packaging are made of intersecting sheets of corrugated board. When properly formed, these create individual pockets...

Pads (DC)

ADDS PROTECTION DURING TRANSIT Our corrugated cardboard pads and sheets are often used as layer pads, interleaving between layers of products in boxes or on...

Full Flap Slotted Container (FFSC)

THE ABBE CORRUGATED DIFFERENCE When it comes to full flap slotted carton products and other packaging solutions, the experts at Abbe Corrugated are a superior...

Die Cut Boxes

COMMON STYLES OF DIE CUT BOXES Our die cut cartons and boxes can be custom manufactured to achieve many unique designs. We can ensure that...

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

LEADING CORRUGATED CARDBOARD SUPPLIERS As leading cardboard sheet suppliers, we stock an excellent selection of solutions for you to check out, including small and large...

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC BOXES)

WHAT ARE RSC BOXES USED FOR? Regular slotted carton and container products are the standard type of carton and one of the most commonly used...

Fanfold – Corrugated Cardboard

Fanfold is a continuous sheet of corrugated board that has been scored and folded like a fan.   Protective Packaging material


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Our Responsibility

At Abbe Corrugated, we’re able to customise a combination of flute type, board grade and cardboard thicknesses to suit your individual application. The flute is the height of the corrugation, sandwiched between two liners. The most common flute type used in slotted containers is C flute thickness. It is approximately 4mm thick and has excellent stacking strength. Another common flute type is B. It is mainly used in die-cut applications, has good burst strength properties, and is approximately 3mm thick. When we combine both C and B Flute together, we form a product known as twin cushion, otherwise recognised as double wall. This is generally about 9mm in thickness. We also produce E Flute cardboard that’s approximately 1.5mm in thickness. E Flute board can either be used on its own or together with B Flute, creating a BE twin cushion.

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