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    Posted on 23 Mar 2020
    Thank you for your concerns about the potential threats to the ABBE supply chain as a result of the Coronavirus – COVID-19 outbreak.   ABBE Corrugated is in a unique position to ensure your business’ surety of corrugated packaging supply:   1. We have multiple sites across two states that are capable of manufacturing corrugated packaging. 2. Our Business Continuity Plan already has comprehensive measures to deal with possible supply chain and manufacturing disruptions for reasons other than natural disasters and assists us to deal with the current situation. 3. In respect to our employees, we are strictly following the advice of Department of Health and Human Services Victoria relating to work, school and travel arrangements. We also have a formal risk mitigation strategy around hygiene in the workplace and measures to be activated...
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  • makes light work of packaging with CMC CartonWrap. makes light work of packaging with CMC CartonWrap.

    Posted on 20 Mar 2018
    Packaging manufacturer ABBE Corrugated provides the perfect solution to help keep up with demand in the busy season. When e-commerce organisation set out to purchase new packaging system, productivity and efficiency were key considerations. The company processes over 10,000 orders each day, from its distribution centre that holds over 40,000 products ranging from beauty items to grocery goods. During the Christmas rush, the operation can process as many as 17,000 orders in a single day. “It was crucial for us to find a reliable machine capable of working fast and reducing waste and damage,” said Saar Davidi, Distribution Centre Manager, Corrugated Cardboard manufacturer, ABBE recommended the CartonWrap machines from Italian on-demand packaging machine manufacturer CMC Machinery. “The machine is just fant...
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  • Revolutionary Packaging Tech Arrives In Australia

    Revolutionary Packaging Tech Arrives In Australia

    Posted on 23 Jun 2017
    Source: Logistics & Materials Handling Victoria-based packaging manufacturer Abbe Corrugated Packaging recently launched the ‘Box on Demand’ automated packaging solution in Australia, powered by Italian carton/packaging machine manufacturer Panotec. Box on Demand comprises software and packaging machinery that scans objects and produces precisely tailored boxes to fit without the need for void fillers. It does this with the help of fanfold material – continuous lengths of corrugated cardboard folded in a concertina style at 1,150-wide increments. The cardboard can be cut to fit any desired box size, eliminating the need for void fillers, preventing product movement that can leads to damage in transit and minimising the packaging material used by logistics companies. “Essentially, what happens is the product will be sized by a three-d...
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  • When God made time, he made plenty of it.

    When God made time, he made plenty of it.

    Posted on 29 Mar 2017
    Published in AIP eNewsletter March 2017 Issue    ‘Tis an Irish proverb that fits the O’Sullivan family, the owners of the multi-disciplined ABBE Corrugated Pty Ltd in Coolaroo Victoria.   Not one minute of time has been wasted since the family patriarch, the late “Jack” O’Sullivan, commenced manufacturing corrugated containers in 1954.   The original company was sold off during the heady days of consolidation in the industry during the 1980’s, but too much time had been spent in the business to simply go away.   In 1988, the family established Abbe Design Pty. Ltd. as a box converting business thus maintaining the family connection with the corrugated cardboard industry. It has since been rebranded ABBE Corrugated Pty Ltd   Not wasting time in the nearly twenty years since...
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  • Corrugated Cardboard – New Technology High Speed Quality Printing

    Corrugated Cardboard – New Technology High Speed Quality Printing

    Posted on 01 Jan 2017
      The following is some important information relating to the introduction of an exciting new production process at ABBE Corrugated Pty Ltd.    ABBE is an independent manufacturer and converter of corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes and other associated packaging products.  Our facility is located in Coolaroo, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and we have been operating as Abbe since 1988.    With Corrugated users always looking for improvements in presentation, whilst remaining cognisant of cost, Abbe has embarked on a number of print improvement projects.   Our latest project involves some new ground breaking digital printing technology, relating to corrugated cardboard including shelf ready and point of sale applications. These could provide significant advantages for your business and we would like to ...
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  • Keeping it in the Family

    Keeping it in the Family

    Posted on 12 Aug 2011
    Published in Business State Magazine August 2015 Issue Abbe Corrugated reveals some of the secrets to running a successful family owned and run business, and explains how it is formalising processes to ensure it stays that way for generations to come. ABBE CORRUGATED can trace its history back to the early 90s, although the O'Sullivan family has been a name in Victoria's packaging business for decades. The father of current Managing Director Anthony O'Sullivan started a small printing business in 1990. Since then, small factories have become bigger factories, from Campbellfield to Broadmeadows, ending up today at a 32,000-square metre site in Coolaroo. Abbe Corrugated also invests in two other businesses. The first is a timber crate and packaging business based in Dandenong, and the other is Austcor Packaging, a Sydney copy of the Melbourne fir...
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