Bringing advancement in e-commerce Packaging Technology to Australian shores for 2021!

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14 Jan, 2021 - Case study client

Today, leading packaging manufacturer ABBE Corrugated (ABBE) has proudly announced a further expansion of its facility and undertake a significant investment for the launch of its latest e-commerce packaging technology this will be unveiled at ABBE’s Automation Packaging Machinery Open House and Demo Centre, in Melbourne.

Due to COVID-19 hindering all travels to its Italian Packaging Machinery Partners and with continued international travel restrictions into 2021, the company is bringing the world’s best and game-changer in Packaging Automation innovation to Australian shores.

With the exponential growth we have experienced in online retail and keeping pace with a strong appetite for sustainable packaging solutions from the e-commerce sector, Industry Media and businesses alike will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the first of its kind in 3D Packaging Machinery concept, that creates right-sized packaging at high-speed, leading to a reduction in the carton’s cubic volume, materials and shipping costs.

Since bringing this Packaging technology to the Australian market in 2017, ABBE has partnered with and supplies leading Online Retailers & 3PL’s such as Catch, CottonOn, Quantium Solutions and Booktopia, who were early adopters of innovative packaging solution – CMC CartonWrap, as well as offering Panotec On Demand Packaging to players like Everten, PMI Imageworks and Arlec.

“When working on these large projects in the past we would need to travel to our Italian Partner’s site with our clients (including a multitude of their product mix) for live demonstrations and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Seeing as the Global Pandemic inhibited this in 2020, it forced us to rethink things and bring this solution closer to home for immediate accessibility to our Customers” stated Daniel O’Sullivan, Sales Director.

“The unveiling of the latest packaging automation innovation– the CMC Genesys at ABBE Automation’s Open House will complement other Automation solutions ABBE offer; the CMC EasyBox, as well as Panotec’s On Demand Packaging system – Compack Evo. A rich program for a fast-evolving market, that looks beyond any e-fulfilment boundaries”

ABBE will be presenting the full range of sustainable e-commerce solutions. Starting at hand-packed standard boxes and easy-close tape solutions right through to full automation of 800 boxes per hour, perfectly packed without manual intervention.

Having the machinery accessible at its Melbourne site will enable many leading and growing Australian companies to come along with their team (and of course their products) and experience and evaluate this new innovative technology for themselves in real-time.