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Abbe is one of the few sources of waxed cartons in the country. Wax can be added to your carton to suit your particular applications.

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Waxed Produce Boxes for Fresh Produce

Abbe is one of the few suppliers of waxed produce boxes and cartons in Australia. Wax can be added to your carton to suit your particular applications. Waxed boxes are specifically suited to cool room storage facilities and various modes of refrigerated transport. As leading suppliers, we have neutral waxed cartons available for immediate delivery (see stock listing), or why not add a touch of individuality and let our experienced designers create a carton specifically for your company? The choice is yours!

If you’re after other types of produce packaging solutions, why not try out our unwaxed boxes or shelf ready trays that allow you to not only transport your produce but ready to display on the shelves.

The Benefits of Waxed Boxes

The benefits of waxed boxes include added strength and an increased level of water resistance, which means that fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables can be packed in the paddock, stored in the cool room, transported via refrigerated trucks, and delivered to your customer in the same condition it was packed in.

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If you’re looking for waxed produce boxes, you can rely on the team at Abbe to have what you need. Whether you choose to request a quote and make a purchase online or visit one of our regional stores in Melbourne to buy products in bulk, we’ll do our best to support you.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team for more details:

  • Werribee Store – 645 Duncans Road, Werribee, Ph: 0419 343 834.
  • Clyde Store – 40 Moores Road, Clyde, Ph: 0427 335 940
  • Hay Store – 359 McAuley Street Hay 2711 Ph: 0419 343 834
  • Mildura – 750-752 Koorlong Avenue Irymple 3498 Ph: 0417 599 272
  • Robinvale – 246 Crete Road Robinvale 3549 Ph: 0417 599 272

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