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Spec Sheet

  • Impression

IMPRESSION is here. We have invested in the latest technology and training to provide you with a superior pathway
to take your products from traditional print into the high impact world of digital printing.
This new “Single-Pass” Digital Print Technology is the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It’s at the
forefront of digital printing technologies around the world with the ability to produce 1000’s of square metres of print
every hour.
This document gives you all the requirements to set up your artwork to achieve the best possible result from this exciting new
“Single-Pass” digital technology with IMPRESSION.
Our studio use Mac computers running OS X. Files supplied to IMPRESSION should be created and collected using
Adobe CC software.
Acceptable file formats are INDD, AI, EPS, TIFF, PSD, PDF
- For images use Adobe Photoshop and save them in either PSD, TIFF or EPS formats.
- Vector files should be created in Adobe Illustrator and saved in either AI or EPS formats.
- Final output file compiled in Adobe InDesign is preferred.
- All die lines should be setup using 0.2pt lines.
- Use different spot colours for each type of line (cut, crease, etc.).
- Ensure there is no ink on areas that can’t be seen when unit is folded.
- Make sure any “non-print” areas for glue are indicated clearly.
- “Flute Direction” and “Print Side” must be indicated on the die.
- 10mm clearance for any element near creases, folds and cut lines.
All fonts used MUST be supplied. Both printer and screen fonts should be included. If all fonts can not be supplied or
if there are concerns about the fonts not working properly ( i.e. re-flowing ) please outline them.
When creating High-Res PDF’s ensure that all fonts are embedded or outlined.
When using fonts in applications use the Roman, Bold, Italic, etc. version on the font and NOT the application styles.
This can cause font problems with re-flows or not printing at all.
Minimum font size is 3mm ( X height ) for San Serif typefaces and 5mm ( X height ) for Serif typefaces.
With the differences between traditional printing processes, varying types of digital printing technologies and the
wide variety of inks, matching special colours can not always be achieved. IMPRESSION will match any special
colour using our CMYK digital process as close as possible. We recommend using Pantone (PMS) Coated colours
when special colours are required. We use the industry standard FOGRA39 (ISO Coated V2) for all colour gamuts,
profiling and colour matching.
Due to the CMYK digital process we are unable to print actual Metallic colours. However, IMPRESSION will match
metallics as close as possible as we do with PMS colours.
NOTE: Although most times we can get extremely close to specified PMS colour,
there may be slight variations due to different colour gamuts and inks.
With this new digital “Single Pass” printing technology you will get your best results using pictures/images rather
than solid flat colour areas. If you have a large solid flat colour area on your design then consider having a step &
repeated watermark through-out the area. This will give you a better visual result compared to a solid flat colour.
For best results, when creating “Gradients” or “Blends” use Adobe Photoshop. Create them at actual size (300dpi
resolution) then import them into your layout program. This process will help to minimise any stepping in the
gradient during the ripping & printing process.
DVD, CD, USB, FTP or email (under 5mb)
These are all acceptable media to use for file transfers. Ideally files should be “stuffed” or “zipped” before transfer.
This will lower the total size to help with electronic transfers and also keep all elements together for the job. If
emailing files then the email can not exceed 5mb.
Before sending your digital files please review all specifications. If you’re unsure about any details please don’t
hesitate to contact us before sending and we will assist you.
We prefer the output file to be created in InDesign. Use the “Collect for output” in InDesign to ensure all components
are included (external links & fonts) in the transfered files. Acrobat PDF’s are accepted but can limit our ability to
setup files suitable for our processes, thus they may incur extra charges for editing. Adobe Illustrator is also accepted
but please ensure all links are supplied and not embedded
At the time of quotation IMPRESSION assume the digital files to be supplied are correctly created as per our
specifications and are 100% ready to print. Additional charges may be incurred if corrections or amendments are
We always prefer the client (when possible) to supply us with a sample/proof of the job as a checkpoint against the
digital files supplied. It also helps with special colours and colour matching on jobs if they are colour critical.
- Create files at actual size.
- Preferred final output file created in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.
- All links to be included in transfer. Do not embed links.
- Outlined fonts or supply complete font set.
- CMYK colour mode is preferred.
- Flattened TIFF are preferred for images.
If required we may request a layered file for editing.
- Single page Adobe Illustrator files. Separate file for each element.
- 120ppc or 300dpi resolution at final size for images.
- 8bit/Channel.
- 10mm bleed on all required areas is preferred.
- Any bar codes (APN, TUN, etc.) should be setup as “Black Only” print
If you require more information or help with any of these specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact your
Representative. We will be happy to assist you in getting the best possible results from your files.

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