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Lifdek Cardboard Pallets

Lifdek Corrugated Cardboard Pallet System

Safe Sustainable Savings

At Abbe Corrugated, we offer the fastest on site assembly capabilities and the highest cost savings potential when it comes to cardboard pallets, cardboard pallet sheets and cardboard pallet liners.

Benefits of our solutions include:

  • Improved safety – No chemical treatment required.
  • No broken boards, no nails and no potential cross contamination.
  • They are able to absorb vibration & shock.
  • Protect the environment – 100% recyclable! With reduced emission per unit and inherent one-way, closed loop distribution.
  • Cost savings – Significantly reduces energy and fuel use (per unit) due to them being lightweight and compact.

Lifdek cardboard pallets are the most cost-effective, lightweight corrugated cardboard pallet system currently available. They’re designed to meet the high capacity and low cost requirements necessary for fast moving consumables. Lifdek cardboard pallets can be supplied in a “ready to use” format or can be assembled on site using our simple automated assembly machine.


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Why choose Lifdek when you’re looking for a manufacturer and supplier of cardboard pallet sheets and cardboard pallet liners?


Elimination of:

  • The risk of cross contamination that exists with re-usable timber pallets.
  • The need for treated timber pallets.
  • Slip sheets as used on many timber pallets (Lifdek has a smooth top).

Reduction in:

  • Disposal costs. Lifdek cardboard pallets are 100% recyclable, whereas timber can eventually end up in landfill.
  • Fuel usage. Being lightweight means less fuel required, which also means less emissions.
  • Forklift savings. Both fuel usage due to lightweight pallet, and number of movements if being shipped flat. i.e. forklifts can only move 18 timber pallets versus 180 unassembled Lifdek cardboard pallets.
  • Product damage. No broken timber slats, no splinters, no nails, and a reduction in load damage if stacked 2-high by reducing the weight of the top pallet.








  • Export costs (weight/dimensional pricing). If used as an alternative to timber pallets.
  • Weight Lifdek pallet weighs ~4.5kg.
  • Supply Chain costs. They can be manually moved by any employee without pallet jack or forklift. Lightweight and designed for evenly distributed loads. Will support up to 1,000 kg static load when used on flat dry surfaces.

Additional information:

  • Blanks can be shipped flat and then assembled on-demand.
  • They can be assembled in less than 60 seconds.
  • They can be assembled without tape, adhesive or staples.
  • They require minimal use of materials due to the two piece corrugated design.

See Lifdek Pallet System in Action.




Abbe Corrugated is proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard pallets, including cardboard pallet sheets and cardboard pallet liners. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more.


Download Lifdek Pallet Assembly Instructions Download Lifdek Skid Assembly Instructions

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